OnLine Placement Test - Test dor children
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Look and read. Click on the correct box.


Example1 This is a flower.
Yes No
1 1.This is a pineapple Yes No
2 2.This is a monster Yes No
3 3. This is a train Yes No
4 4.This is an orange Yes No
5 5. This is a spider Yes No

Look at the pictures. Look at the letters. Write the words.


2-1 6.
3-1 7.
4-1 8.
5-1 9.
6-1 10.

Look and read. Click on the correct box.

Picture 3

The children are in the classroom.
Yes No
11. The sky is blue. Yes No
12. There are three birds in the sky. Yes No
13. The children are reading. Yes No
14. The girl has got six balloons. Yes No
15.Two boys are playing football. Yes No

Answer the questions:

16. What's your name?
17. How old are you?
18. What's your favourite food?
19. Do you live in a house?
20. Have you got a pet?
21. Can you ride a horse?
22. Do you listen to the radio?
23. What do you watch on TV?
24. What clothes are you wearing?
25. Did you like this test?